Five Things Friday: 7.18.14

Five things I’ve been loving lately…

Governor’s Island

Hammock Grove bliss.
Hammock Grove bliss.

I was first inspired to travel to Governor’s Island because of an art exhibit three years ago, and I have loved visiting ever since. I took a trip with some girl friends from college a couple of weekends ago and since experiencing the 30 additional renovated acres, I’m not even more in love. What’s the draw? Wide open space, historical buildings, local art and pop-up shops, food trucks, and my favorite – a hammock grove! It’s well worth the trip, and the ferry is free on weekends beginning at 10 AM. Continue reading Five Things Friday: 7.18.14

The Trepidation of Urban Motherhood

photo by Michael ComeauPhoto Credit: Michael Comeau, Creative Commons

I am thinking more often and more actively about what it looks like to be a mom in the city.

I am asking more questions of friends who are moms, babysitting for friends, and finally picking up books that talk about child-rearing. I should know by now… this is how I do things. I am a researcher and fact-gatherer at heart. I want to be fully informed on whatever is my current topic of interest. I want to discuss it with anyone who will listen, and then eventually at some point, I feel ready for what is next.

In my first year of marriage, I swore there would be no babies until 2015. I was just figuring out how to be a wife and reside in the shadow of NYC, and at the time the idea of also figuring out how to be a mom was utterly terrifying. There were things I wanted to do and see, milestones I wanted to hit and goals I wanted to accomplish. Last year as I was seeing many of my friends become moms, I was staving off the baby rabies but thoughtfully and prayerfully considering my stance on the appropriate timing for us to have kids.  Continue reading The Trepidation of Urban Motherhood

Five Things Friday: 4.18.14

NYC Skyline from Hoboken
My gorgeous view while running this week. Can’t get enough of spring!

Five things I’ve been loving lately…

  • This podcast interview with “Science Mike,” about faith lost, atheism, and meeting Jesus in the mysterious. It’s really long, but great for commuting or multi-tasking.
  • This book which (of course) made me cry and consider eternity.


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