Five Years: An Ode to New York

Five years seems like a major milestone for us –

this raucous, seductive city and me.

As one who loves new adventures, endless options, and would prefer to always be on the move, half a decade is a big deal. In my younger days, imagining five years with someone seemed like an eternity. I assumed I would get bored, restless and need a new object for my affections. But it seems that New York and I have found ourselves officially in a long-term relationship.

Like most of my romances, I dove headlong into my love affair with New York. I was enticed by her flashing lights, rich cultural experiences, and most importantly, the promise of fulfilling career dreams. I came for the love of a good man, and for the dream of living in an incredible place that held endless opportunities.

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On Making Hoboken Feel Like Home

My first 4th of July in NYC, the weekend I moved to Hoboken.
Nick and me at Maxwell Pier on my first 4th of July in Hoboken.

This summer marks my fourth year living in Hoboken.

It is hard to believe I’ve been here over 1460 days already. This is the longest I have lived in one area since my high school days. I used to hate change, but after half of my life being filled with it, it has become harder to settle in somewhere and embrace a place as home. My tendency is to always look towards the horizon and wonder what is next. This year, people we love who have been here since the beginning of my time in Hoboken are beginning to move. God is calling them elsewhere. After years of always leaving, it is strange to be the one who stays.  Continue reading On Making Hoboken Feel Like Home

The Trepidation of Urban Motherhood

photo by Michael ComeauPhoto Credit: Michael Comeau, Creative Commons

I am thinking more often and more actively about what it looks like to be a mom in the city.

I am asking more questions of friends who are moms, babysitting for friends, and finally picking up books that talk about child-rearing. I should know by now… this is how I do things. I am a researcher and fact-gatherer at heart. I want to be fully informed on whatever is my current topic of interest. I want to discuss it with anyone who will listen, and then eventually at some point, I feel ready for what is next.

In my first year of marriage, I swore there would be no babies until 2015. I was just figuring out how to be a wife and reside in the shadow of NYC, and at the time the idea of also figuring out how to be a mom was utterly terrifying. There were things I wanted to do and see, milestones I wanted to hit and goals I wanted to accomplish. Last year as I was seeing many of my friends become moms, I was staving off the baby rabies but thoughtfully and prayerfully considering my stance on the appropriate timing for us to have kids.  Continue reading The Trepidation of Urban Motherhood