A New Adventure


Today marks the start of the next life adventure. I am excited to announce that…

I’m returning to the world of the unemployed! Apologies to those who were hoping for another kind of announcement. Nope, still no babies yet!

After much discussion and deliberation, my current employer and I decided to go our separate ways. When I started with my current company over two years ago, Nick and I were in a very different place financially and I really needed a full time job to set us up for financial freedom. It was a definite blessing that the opportunity came when it did, and enabled us to meet many of our goals, including becoming debt free!

However, for months now I’ve been wavering between experiencing total fear and utter relief about considering what is next. I am an ENFP to the core, for better or for worse, and some time ago I began to feel that in the 9-5 portion of my day, I was functioning as a different version of myself. Most days I was operating out of my secondary, survival administrative skill set rather than the creative one that energizes me.

I was already fighting this internal battle before heading to Uganda with Bob Goff and Restore International, but coming back home from Uganda after seeing so many gifted people using their skills to make tangible change in others’ lives, I couldn’t shake the conviction that I wanted to be living a different kind of day to day.

I’m sure some of you have wondered if I am ok considering how much I’ve seemed to fall off the face of the earth since I returned from Africa in November! I’ve been busy soul searching, fervently reexamining my priorities and determining how to live a life more in line with my strengths and values.

So what’s next? I don’t entirely know. I’ll be spending my “free” time in a structured way (shoutout to my life coach for introducing me to the idea of budgeting my time!), split between writing on a more regular basis (yay!), hunting for the right full time opportunity that utilizes my strengths and allows me to embrace my passions, as well as finding a healthier balance in my personal relationships and home front.

Here’s to the scary, unknown, but exhilarating new chapter in the life of the Lenzis. Bring it on!

(Please forgive the simplicity of this post and lack of links, I’m writing from the road!)