Summer 2008

Sometime before April 2007: Erika meets Nick briefly as she needs to use the bathroom at his house. Nick doesn’t recall this whatsoever.

April 2007: Nick and Erika officially meet at their friend Rachel’s 21st birthday outing in Philadelphia. They are coupled off with other people, and never really talk all evening. They hang out a few times with friends that spring, but nothing noteworthy.

Summer 2007: Nick is in Chicago for the summer doing an internship, and he and Erika chat randomly online. Erika changes her Facebook profile picture to one of her in a green and white dress, and Nick begins to take notice of her for the first time.

Fall 2007: Nick and Erika hang out often with the same group of friends at college. They attend a retreat with their campus ministry, where both realize the other can sing. This tidbit of information is filed away for both of them as a positive. Erika throws a Halloween party Nick attends, and he thinks she is dating another guy. Hurt by this, Nick mostly avoids Erika all night.

December 2007: Nick and Erika finish school at Temple University and go their separate ways. Nick moves to the NYC area to begin his career in finance, and Erika moves home to West Chester to job hunt.

January-June 2007: Nick and Erika gchat and give each other a hard time on facebook. Nick is always telling Erika to come to New York. Erika knows it would be a blast, but politely refuses, knowing somewhere in the back of her mind that if she went, she might stir up whatever feelings Nick might have and give him the wrong impression.

July 2008: After seeing each other in Philadelphia for the first time in months, Nick and Erika realize there is a connection building between them. They don’t want to ruin their friendship, but agree to spend more time together.

September 2008: Erika, in true commitmentphobe fashion, announces that she has too many unresolved issues and baggage and can’t date Nick anymore. Nick tries to talk her back from the edge of the cliff, but she jumps off anyway, and their first round of dating ends.

Fall 2008: Nick and Erika keep hanging out often, even though they aren’t “dating.” It’s clear that there are still strong feelings present. They become true friends for the first time, and share experiences like going to the Philadelphia Zoo and seeing Phil Wickham, Bethany Dillon, and Shane & Shane in concert.

February 2009: Erika accepts a job in Tennessee and attempts to resolve much of her dating baggage in the process. Nick is heartbroken, but knows he needs to let her go.

Winter + Spring 2009: Nick and Erika remain good friends. Erika gets deeply involved in the community at All Souls Church, and is incredibly grateful for the blessing God provides through them.

May 2009: Nick and Rachel visit Erika in Knoxville as an early birthday surprise. On the first night there, Rachel asks Erika what she has to do to get Erika to realize she should be with Nick Lenzi and move back to the north. Erika laughs it off.

Summer 2009: Erika has resolved much of her baggage and Nick decides to actively pursue her again. She tries to tell him to let her go, and jokes that they should meet up in Chicago (Nick’s favorite city) in a few years to see if it might work then.

September 2009: Nick comes to visit Erika in Knoxville over Labor Day Weekend. She knows from the minute she sees him that she is in trouble. She has butterflies in her stomach, and by the end of the weekend, peace in her heart. She realizes she has to give them another chance, even though she is a serious skeptic of long distance relationships.

October 1, 2009: Erika says she is ready to be officially in a relationship, and they know that this time, things are serious!

October 2009: Erika visits Nick in NYC over Halloween weekend. She realizes that she really loves him, but ever the doubter, keeps this information to herself in case she’s wrong.

December 2009: Nick and Erika go to look at rings, knowing they are ready to get engaged sometime in early 2010. Erika falls in love with a ring at Milanj Jewelers in King of Prussia, PA. She tells Nick not to decide on anything, because she isn’t sure she’s ready.

March 2010: Erika ruins Nick’s upcoming proposal plans by telling him she loves him a few weeks too early. This admission signals that she is ready to start the rest of their lives together. Erika has realized she absolutely loves who Nick is as a person and that will never change. For a more in-depth explanation of how Erika came to this conclusion, read her blog post Giving Up on Prince Charming.

April 2010: After a week full of strong hints from God and various friends in Tennessee, Nick and Erika get engaged in Central Park, NYC!

July 2010: Erika finally moves to Hoboken. She and Nick are SO excited to live in the same town since December 2007, and they begin counting down the days until January 21, 2011.

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