Nick and I met in college at Temple University through mutual friends. He is one of the most honest people I know, and fights fiercely for those he loves. Nick is the Director of Finance, Data, and Dinner Groups at Hoboken Grace.

We dated twice before getting engaged, and were separated by about 600 miles for a year and a half.  The first time we dated, I loved visiting Hoboken but could not realistically see myself living here. Funny how things change! Over the years, Nick and I attended one fateful concert in Philly (the night everything began between us), a fantastic handful of concerts together in Knoxville, and too many to name in New York.

We have one fur baby, an adorable American Bobtail kitten named Paley Muffin and daydream about owning a French Bulldog with an awesome old-fashioned name.

Hear some of Nick’s story in his own words: