Five Things Friday: 2.13.14

Pictured are two favs: Friday brunch + my KK Uganda hat

Happy holiday weekend!

I have the today through Monday off and am looking forward to a VERY chilly four-day weekend with my better half. The weather is in the teens here in NYC, so we will likely be hunkered down at home and will maybe brave the cold to hit a movie or museum. If you have any creative suggestions for how we can have fun and stay warm, I’m all ears!

Here are a few things I’ve been loving lately…
(some are affiliate links)

Friday brunch dates. Nick has the day off on Fridays, and my usual work day for my part-time job doesn’t begin until the afternoon, so this night owl and her early bird husband have been meeting halfway!

Passion Planning. Putting colored pens to fresh paper in order to determine my tasks just makes me happy. You can download a free sample PDF here.

Reading as much as possible. I’m especially excited about Don’s latest book about finding true intimacy.

Listening to the much-anticipated second album from my favorite “Brooklyn country” band.

Donning this Ugandan-made hat during these frigid days.

So, what are you into right now?


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