2015: A Year to Practice Presence


I want to show up for 2015.

Last year I vowed to use my time intentionally. I was tired of living life only sporadically examined, days and seasons whizzing by as I wished I had spent them better. I wanted to plan better and follow through.

My pace of life drastically changed when I no longer had a full-time job. But I often felt like I was still spinning my wheels, trying to gain traction and move forward. Intentionally setting goals was not enough to make sure I accomplished them.

We need real reasons to stop and notice and be thankful and grow.

I am a dreamer and a planner, so I like to look back, see what I have learned, and focus on the bright future. The future is unmarred by unrealized dreams and broken promises. While I love this embedded eternal optimism, I do not want to spend this year so focused on the future that I miss what is happening every day, right now.

I want to have more meaningful, face-to-face conversations with the people I love. I want to read more books. I want to slow down and show up. So this is my year to practice presence: to be fully present each day, to experience the presence of God in the mundane (note to self: read this book), to be aware and listen and soak it all in. In 2015 I want to focus not just on the big stuff, but be proud of how I showed up for my everyday life.

Here are some of my concrete goals and guidelines to aid in the process…


  • Pray, practice gratitude, journal every day (minimum 1 page)
  • Practice Lectio Divina and Examen more often
  • Read through the New Testament
  • Pray more with Nick and in community (at least monthly)


  • Work out 2-3 times per week (even if it’s just walking for 20 minutes!)
  • Try yoga at a yoga studio
  • Run an official 10K


  • Read 1 chapter a day/1 book every 2 weeks – nonfiction, fiction, classics, personal development (25 total)
  • Read more books (fiction and non-fiction) about other countries, cultures, and perspectives


  • Weekly Friday breakfast dates with Nick
  • Spend more “just us” weekend activities with Nick (at least 1 full day/month)
  • Take a weekend away as a couple (3x/year)
  • Spend time with members of my immediate family seasonally (4x/year)
  • Get pregnant 😉


  • Blog 2-3x a week (2x as much as last year)
  • Double last year’s blog traffic
  • Outline chapters for a book, work on 1 ch/month
  • Pitch to publications (at least 6/year)
  • Attend more Hoboken blogger Meetup events (at least 3)


  • Spend 1-on-1 quality time with close friends (1x/week)
  • Host more dinners & game nights (4x/year)
  • Make more seasonal bucket lists and find friends to check items off (4x/year)


  • Rollover my old 401K to a ROTH IRA, contribute the max amount (saving now pays later!)
  • Continue to support organizations effecting change Restore International (abroad) and TRUE Mentors (local).
  • Save for planned vacations


  • Visit California: San Diego (semi Vision Trip reunion?!) and San Francisco
  • Spend a week in Tennessee after my cousin’s wedding (thanks for the wonderful excuse Lauren and Rusty!)
  • Go back to Uganda?
What resolutions did you make? Did you set goals daily, weekly, monthly or yearly? What are your methods for success?

One thought on “2015: A Year to Practice Presence

  1. Paid to attend a women’s Bible study group and paid to exercise with Body and Soul for several weeks. Asked a friend to come with me. That should get me out of the house and healthier this winter! I am also looking forward to a women’s one day conference and a Friday night concert in May!!! All of this is being made possible by Christ Community Church!!! They Rock!

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