Five Things Friday: 6.20.14


Five things I’ve been loving lately…


Confession: While I love the brick-and-mortar shopping experience, living in New York has pushed me further and further into becoming an online shopper. My lifestyle has just been too busy to shop for clothing like I used to. I’ve also tried to cut back on the number of items I buy, and instead aim to spend a little more on classic, quality pieces that will last. (For an entire site dedicated to this idea, check out Brooklyn-based blog ‘The Refined Woman.) Enter StitchFix. A friend of mine clued me in to them. (Thanks Trinity!) StitchFix is a subscription-based styling company located in San Fran. They pick five items based upon your style profile and any specifics you have requested. I love the element of surprise, trying something new each month, and being given suggestions on how to style the pieces with existing pieces in your wardrobe. This month I snagged a cute black and white top by Daniel Rainn. To give it a try yourself, click here for my referral code.

DevaCurl ‘Set It Free’

Curly girls who struggle with frizz during these humid summer months, listen up! This product is my best friend June through August. A little bit goes a long way. I use it in conjuction with my other DevaCurl products – first No Poo, then One Condition, then Arc AnGEL, and top it off with Set It Free. It comes in a spray bottle and feels slightly waxy to the touch. I generally spray it on my hands, smooth it over the crown of my head, and scrunch. You can buy it here or find it in your local salon that caters to curly hair. Be sure to buy it from a trusted retailer, otherwise you may end up with a knock-off!

Pier 13

Last summer, I vowed to go to Pier 13 at least three times. This summer, I’ve been spending every possible Sunday afternoon with there with friends. Between the delicious food trucks, view, and companionship, it’s been absolutely delightful to embrace “Sunday Funday” (otherwise known as Sabbath ;)), relax and be.

Caffè Bene

Over the past year, we seem to be witnessing a coffee shop explosion in Hoboken! This is kind of a dream come true for this coffee-loving writer. Between Choc-O-Pain (which is more café than coffee shop), Bwé Kafe, Hoboken Hot House, Black Rail Coffee, and now Caffé Bene, it is wonderful to have local options! Disclaimer: Caffé Bene is an international chain, and I prefer to support the local guys, but its proximity to the PATH train makes it a great choice for anyone wanting to have a morning coffee date or post-work non-alcoholic option. And it seems to be the largest meeting space as far as coffee shops go, which is definitely a plus in this town.

Reflections on Lodge Life

In Shauna Niequest’s recent post, Loved, Known, Welcome, Enough, she reflects on her week away with Bob Goff and friends at Malibu Young Life Camp. Shauna’s post speaks so pointedly to the way Bob embodies hospitality. After traveling to Uganda with Bob and his incredible organization last fall, I truly feel like a part of the family. What a gift it is to be able to make people worldwide feel like they’ve come home. I’ve loved scrolling through #lodgefamily on Twitter and Instagram to see who else was there and what they learned.

What have you been enjoying this week?

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