Five Things Friday: 5.23.14

Five things I’ve been loving lately…

Something local

Hoboken has a new coffee shop – Black Rail Coffee! I discovered this new spot while scrolling through #Hoboken tags on twitter and since I happened to pass by 800 Jackson street this week, I had to try their cold brewed coffee. Setting up shop right next to the 9th street light rail station seems an ingenious move to cater to commuters.

Something healthy{image source}

I have loved this “Skinny Green Monster” smoothie recipe from Skinny Taste for a while, but the arrival of spring has made me crave it on the regular. I like to add a generous amount of ice cubes (about 15) to thicken it up, and lately I’ve been using PB2 as my peanut butter alternative.

Something lovely

Emily Eddington is a former broadcast journalist turned full-time makeup enthusiast, and I love her YouTube recommendations and tutorials! She has been my primary teacher when it comes to learning makeup application. Watching Emily has allowed me to learn enough to feel confident even to do my sister’s bridal makeup at her wedding! This week she was given a preview of Maybelline’s new eyeshadow palette, ‘The Nudes.’ It seems like a great alternative for those who are budget-conscious and wouldn’t spend the money on a higher-end option like Urban Decay’s Naked palettes. Make sure to watch #2 on the playlist to see her review.

Something melodious

Coldplay released a new album, Ghost Stories, this week! I wasn’t a big fan of the last album, but my husband says that if you were a fan of Coldplay during the Parachutes days, you’ll love the new album. It is a beautiful break up album, the kind that you can lie in the dark listening to for hours, drinking in the beauty and the pain.

Something wise{image source}

Sarah Bessey’s essay ‘Chasing A Dream in the Midst and the Afters‘ so encourages me after writing what I did about vocation and motherhood last week. I feel very much like Sarah does, that God has called me to write, that this is very much a part of what I was born to do. I may not be following all the modern rules of how to write successfully, but what I am doing matters anyway. Sarah’s words this week are such a good reminder to obey the call and see what happens next.

What have you been enjoying this week?

3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: 5.23.14

  1. Thank you for the recommendations E! Now I have a coffee place to go to in the way to church! And I’m totally trying the Skinny Taste Green Smoothie!

    1. Your wish is my command, D 😉 Seriously, thanks for the nudge… made me get it done! I will say Black Rail is expensive, BUT it is also direct trade coffee, so it’s great knowing the farmers who provided the beans are being paid a livable wage. The Skinny Green Smoothie is super fast and super delicious. You barely notice the spinach aside from the color!

      1. I am happy to encourage you! I love reading your blog and I take your recommendations to heart. Especially your book reccos…since you are Dewy Decimal and all. 🙂 It’s unfortunate Black Rail is so expensive though. But I guess you can’t get direct trade and high quality at Dunkin prices.

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