2014: The Year of Intention


As I was reading through other blogger’s posts and their new year’s resolutions, I saw a lot on this idea of choosing a “theme word” for the year. At first I thought that might be a bit much and didn’t think I had one, but as I sat down to solidify my goals for this year, the word intentional kept popping up. I want to be more intentional with my life, living more aware and with more purpose, in every single facet. Too often I find my NYC whirl-wind paced life distracts me and my days, weeks, and months begin slipping by unexamined. So this year I am setting and re-evaluating most of my goals weekly, which I find is my most manageable timeframe.

Here are my 2014 goals!


  • Spend 10% of my time with God in creative ways: in dinner group, reading scripture, journaling, practicing lectio divina, praying privately and in community (11.5 hrs/wk)


  • Work out 2-3 times per week (and finally take some classes!)
  • Run 4 races this year: at least two 5Ks, at least one 10K, and maybe a 10 miler?


  • Read 1 book every 2 weeks, rotate between fiction, nonfiction, and Christian living (minimum of 24)
  • Read more books (fiction and non-fiction) about other countries and cultures


  • Spend more “just us” relaxed weekend activities with Nick (1 full day/month)
  • Spend more time with members of my immediate family seasonally (4x/year)


  • Blog at least once a week (2x as much as last year)
  • Attend more Hoboken blogger Meetup events (at least 4)
  • Get ahead on the day by arriving at work by 8:45 AM


  • Spend 1-on-1 quality time with close friends (1x/week)
  • Go on more double dates (2x/month)
  • Make more seasonal bucket lists and find friends to check items off (4x/year)



  • Visit San Diego (semi Mzungu Love Tour reunion?!)
  • Go to Europe (this still feels like more of a wish than a reality but I hope!)
  • Disney World, Punta Cana, or Charleston/Savannah (We’re entirely undecided.)

What resolutions did you make? Did you set goals daily, weekly, monthly or yearly? What are your methods for success?

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