Have Yourself a 20-Something Christmas (Guest Post)

Today my lovely new friend, Whitney, from my trip to Uganda, is sharing her blog space with me over at Sometimes Always Never – an ode to 20-somethings and love letter to Atlanta. I’m writing about finding love and the expectations of Christmas.

Me and Gram, Christmas 1988
Me and Gram, Christmas 1988

I have always loved Christmas and the anticipation that leads up to it. As a child, I spent many hours trying to find the gifts my mom would so painstakingly hide. I loved the suspense of seeing presents under the tree, dreaming up all the possibilities of what could be inside.

On Christmas morning, I would wake up early, awakened by anticipation in the darkest of night, and sneak downstairs after I knew my parents and Santa had finished arranging the pile of gifts and stuffing our stockings. I’d tiptoe about in the warm glow of the Christmas tree lights, gazing at the overflow of presents, basking in the calm and magic of Christmas before dawn.

As I grew older, the thing that made this season so special wasn’t as much about the presents… [click here to read more]

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