Going to Uganda!

Me, Bob, and Nick at Hoboken Grace, Fall 2012
Me, Bob, and Nick at Hoboken Grace, Fall 2012

Exciting times lie ahead for the Lenzis… We are leaving for Africa on Thursday! Nick and I were invited to join an organization called Restore International on a vision trip to the Restore Leadership Academy in Gulu, Uganda. A small team from our church, Hoboken Grace, will be heading there October 17th-28th. Restore International’s goal is to fight injustice, seeking “daring and audacious ways to combat human rights violations… actively seeking ways to bring hope, justice and restoration.” Restore Leadership Academy provides the chance for Ugandan children, many impacted by civil war and without one or both parents, to receive a good education.

What Will You Be Doing?
Loving people! Bob Goff, the organization’s founder, is a Ugandan Consul, and best-selling author of Love Does. If you haven’t read Love Does, I would encourage you to read it because the story of how Bob lives his life is incredibly inspiring! If you are familiar with it, you know that Bob is all about putting Jesus’ message of love into action in whatever way he can. Last fall, Bob came to speak at Hoboken Grace and challenged and invited us to be a part of it! On this trip we will be doing a variety of things, including helping put on a graduation for the kids at the Academy, handing out diplomas and celebrating with them. Other projects might include helping out at the school with planting trees or light construction projects. Really, the purpose is to go and love the kids of Restore Leadership Academy through whatever needs present themselves!

How Can I Help?
First, I would love your prayers during this trip. This is my first time going overseas, so safe travel, health, and provision for the team are at the forefront of my prayer requests. Pray that we would be able to love the kids well and be fully present in this experience. This is the first service-oriented trip Nick and I are going on together, so I am looking forward to learning new things about Nick and our dynamic as a couple as we serve alongside each other for an extended period of time. Pray for our relationship and our patience as we travel 40 hours round trip and experience a new culture. We have reached our financial support goal, so THANK YOU so much to all those who have contributed!

Have you ever taken a mission or service trip? What was your biggest takeaway from that experience? Do you have any advice?

3 thoughts on “Going to Uganda!

  1. So happy that you are able to take part in this mission! I’ll be praying for you and everyone in this trip! Love you!!

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