A Summer Well Spent


I don’t know about you, but summer has always been my favorite time of year. That probably comes from having some of the best childhood experiences ever during the summer. I always spent weeks at camp, visited amusement parks, went to all-nighters, took mission trips, and had countless sleepovers with friends. When you’ve had such incredible childhood summers, it’s hard to come to grips with summer as an adult.

As this summer started, I found myself worn out from the daily grind of life. I tend to be so busy during the week that often I struggle to let loose and have fun on the weekends. I feel obligated to catch up on all the personal to-do’s I haven’t had time to attend to during the work week. But as I reflected on the incredible memories I created with chock-full summers as a child, I knew I wanted to look back on this summer and know that I didn’t let it just pass me by. So, as I often do, I created a summer bucket list. (Ones italics I actually accomplished!) It is hard to believe Labor Day weekend has come and gone!

    • Go to the Jersey Shore at least 3 times
      • Trip 1 – June Day trip to Spring Lake Beach with girl friends
      • Trip 2 – August weekend in Avalon with my Temple U roomies
      • Trip 3 – Failed. But I am going for a weekend later this month with my family!
    • Go Hiking – Ventured out to Harriman State Park in NY with Nick and Diane
    • Visit Hoboken’s open-air bar, Pier 13 (I’ve made it out there at least 4 times!)
    • Run a 5K – I participated in my first official race, the ‘Party with Purpose‘ 5K, and met my goal (9 min/mi) despite a “real feel” heat index over 100 degrees!
    • Spend a day on Governor’s Island – This was kind of half-crossed off the list. My friend Gentry came to visit and we spent a couple hours checking out Fête Paradiso and feeling like we’d been transported to another time, a la LOST.
    • Bike NYC’s West Side Highway (this has been on the list FOREVER.)
    • Make gourmet popsicles (I bought the molds, now have to settle on some recipes.)
    • Go Auburn – I’ve got the box, now I just have to commit and make the time 😉

What was on your summer bucket list? What were your favorite activities or memories from this summer?


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