Erika’s 2012 in Review

Welp, it’s that time of year again – that dreaded time when we look back and realize how many resolutions we made and failed to accomplish the year before. In a smart move, I publicly made only five for 2012 – which were:

  1. Write more
  2. Become more active
  3. Reach our financial goals
  4. See new cities
  5. Remain baby-free

Remain baby-free.
Yay! We did it! Remaining child-free enabled me to accomplish much of my other four goals with fervor.

Write more.
I look at this goal now and just have to laugh. The good news is – I did write more than last year… but only barely. I posted 20 times (21 including this post!) and had 5,200 views, up from 2011’s 12 posts and 3,300 views. So thank you, dear readers, for showing up and listening to my not-so-regular musings. (Click here to see the complete report.) I went into my year with a part-time job and great expectations about new opportunities for blogging now that a steady, meager salary could be counted on. What I didn’t expect was that two months into my new job I would go full-time, and then soon after be offered a raise and more responsibility. It has been a blessing financially and for personal growth, but an obvious direct challenge to my lofty writing goals.

Reach our financial goals.
With the failure of my writing goals came the triumph of our financial goals. We became debt free by the end of May, which was an incredible feeling after struggling somewhat financially in 2011 in our first year of marriage since I didn’t have a job. We saved up a 3 month emergency fund by August. Then we bought a Jetta with that e-fund. Ok, a new used car wasn’t a dire emergency, but a great deal popped up and with my sister getting engaged and living all the way in Virginia, it seemed like a good time to upgrade to a car that could actually make it on the highway. I also started contributing to my first 401K in July, like a real live adult! As of today, we have rebuilt our 3 month e-fund and are looking forward to the financial freedom next year will afford!

Become more active.

2012 Workout Summary
It took me until the summer to finally kick my butt into gear, but I finally started to accomplish this goal! Looking at the stats above, I am definitely proud of the improvement I made in the latter half of 2012. While I continued to gain until August, I finally buckled down and lost 12 lbs. which put me back in a my healthy BMI range, and have been maintaining since.

See new cities.
After years of talking about it, we finally traveled to Chicago, IL in May to celebrate our 27th birthdays and becoming debt free! I absolutely adored it – the architecture, the parks, the deep-dish pizza, the sculpture, the crowds of people biking and running along the river… I finally understand why everyone has been telling me I would love it for years! Then in October, we planned a last-minute weekend getaway to Burlington, VT. I had no idea it would be such a hippie fest – I figure it is the northeastern equivalent of Asheville, NC. Burlington offered such good food, a relaxed atmosphere and gorgeous fall scenery. It was just what we needed right before Superstorm Sandy hit and Hoboken was turned upside down.

All things considered, I set achievable goals and made progress in all of them. Some were home runs, and others I only made a slight dent, but looking back I am fairly satisfied with the way 2012 turned out. The good news is that a fresh year is right around the corner. Stay tuned for next year’s goals!

How did you do with your 2012 resolutions? Where did you succeed or fail and what are you looking forward to next year?

5 thoughts on “Erika’s 2012 in Review

    1. Thanks Yas! Looking back is sometimes scary, but worth it. I actually felt like I had failed more miserably due to my lack of attention to my blog, but seeing how I succeeded in other areas helps me to enter the next year knowing I can do better.

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