Gaining Momentum (and Shedding Pounds)

Yes, this is me looking like a hipster.

People! I’m not burying the lead on this one. I completed week five of my commitment to getting healthier, and I am very excited to share that I am .10 lbs shy of losing 8.5 lbs and I am feeling great! It is shocking to find that I am feeling healthier and more confident now at 2-4 lbs over my “freshman 15” weight than I ever did at 18 years old. The difference is intentionality – pursuing change and actually seeing results.

I am beginning to see that being disciplined in my diet and exercise habits is strengthening my those muscles (literally and figuratively) and making me want to be better disciplined in other areas of my life. Being intentional about my eating and seeing successful results is making me want to show up here and write more often. (Shoutout to my friend Paul at Hunting for God for being one of the catalysts for completing this post!) Success in my physical health is making me want to grow spiritually. This is showing me – hey, you can do hard things. And you know what? They’re actually not that hard. Ok, being disciplined isn’t necessarily fun and doesn’t really feel good, but I am finding that it is worth it. I can feel the momentum building.

This is not a dramatic, overnight life change. It is being intentional, one meal at a time, one day at a time. Living a healthier, fuller, happier life requires me to choose 30 minutes of activity instead of watching a brainless 30 minute TV show. It’s stopping myself from mindlessly surfing the net and instead reading articles that challenge my thought processes and my faith. It’s reading the daily office on my lectionary app on my commute or listening to worship music instead of playing games or zoning out. These little choices – one by one – they add up.

We watched this TED talk at work some weeks back that was another one of those pushes towards readjusting my priorities. (Yes, we have “TED talk Fridays” at work where we start off our morning eating snacks and watch something inspirational, how great is that?) Psychologist Shawn Achor talks about how to be happy at work – and the catch is, it’s really about being happier in life in general first (shocker). But seriously, if you are sitting on the edge, debating whether or not to start making that first choice to begin changing your life, watch this. I dare you to be uninspired.

Now… if I can only get a handle on my less-than-ideal midnight bedtime sleeping habits and succeed at practicing some of these things before my work day begins! Ha ๐Ÿ˜‰

*This entry brought to you by my subway commute home ten days ago and a miraculous spare 45 minutes before dinner group last night (See? It can be done.)

14 thoughts on “Gaining Momentum (and Shedding Pounds)

    1. Thanks Danielle. You are making progress too – we have to keep encouraging each other to make those hard, un-fun but WORTH IT choices day by day, then we’ll look back and be awed by how far we’ve come. I believe in you!

  1. You look fantastic love!!! Very motivating to see your progress. I’m proud of all your hard work with this healthier lifestyle. I, too, know how difficult (yet rewarding) it can be. And I’m sure it’s by no coincidence that we’re going through this at the same time. I love how God provides that kind of support! And I LOVE that it means I get to read more blog posts from you! Keep ’em coming ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Ashley! Watching you get fit and your dedication to running at UNGODLY hours of the morning was most definitely a motivating factor for me to get with the program and stop making excuses! I am so grateful to have you in my life and glad we’re keeping stride in this journey.

    1. You don’t know why?! Because I am awesome, and you are awesome, and together we are a duo of awesomeness. And with my husband and your husband-to-be, we are QUADRUPLE AWESOME.

      I told Nick tonight I am going to have to lure you here with the most awesome Peds job ever, and the vast amount of business opportunities for Matt. And, you know, (eventually) the cutest Lenzi babies that you will absolutely not be able to resist hanging out with in all of your free time.

      Ogden Ave is pretty awesome… we have friends, BBQs, parks, trees… Life is pretty good aside from the fact that I have to consider myself a NJ resident – I prefer to think I’m an unofficial New Yorker ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Hey! Thanks for the mad propz, yo. I know that we haven’t broken any ground that others haven’t already tilled, but I feel like somewhere in the midst of all this discipline stuff are the keys to start living the lives we’ve always wished for. It’s really encouraging to see you employing the same ideas as myself and finding success in it.

    I’ve mentioned it now in a couple of places, but have you checked out Donald Miller’s Storyline website yet? I find it’s helpful for keeping track of the “bird’s eye view” version of what I’d like to be doing and aiming for with my life.

    1. You know I haven’t. I remember reading a bit about the Storyline resources when he first started organizing the conferences, but I suppose I was in a season of life where I was too busy/unmotivated/(other lame excuse) to look into it too much. I will definitely check it out now! I’m super interested in the new Storyline book, but a bit wary of shelling out $30 for the brand new copy. I’ll either budget it in next month or wait a couple months and buy it used.

  3. Your blogs are always thought provoking but this one is inspirational too! I’m so glad you focused on the health benefits and how good you feel. I do want to warn you to keep off what you lose because it truly does get harder and harder with each decade! Keep writing!

    1. Thanks Debbie! I do realize that it won’t always be as easy to shed weight so quickly. The challenge is definitely to make sure exercising regularly and eating healthy become a way of life instead of an end goal with a time limit. I’m already fighting the temptation to cheat a little more because I’ve made this much progress, which of course makes NO sense. Having multiple levels of accountability with Nick, my friends who are on the same journey, and the blog definitely help!

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