Bucket List for #27

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On Monday, I turned 27. As my oh-so-loving little brother pointed out, I am most definitely in my “late twenties.” (Although I suppose I was last year too, but I didn’t specifically have the sense that yes, I’m starting to get old.) The temptation is to get to be a certain age and start to panic a little over the things you may have left undone or have yet to accomplish, so this post is my attempt to combat that. Here are some things I am aiming to accomplish while I’m 27, which is a bit of an expansion on my resolutions for 2012.

– Start blogging an overview of my month so the year doesn’t fly by without me remembering the joys and struggles I experienced. Attempting to blog regularly since going full time has been a serious challenge 😦
– Be even more intentional about being active. Start shaving off the nearly 20(!!!) pounds I’ve put on since the wedding!
– Finish at least 1 book per month (purchasing a Kindle in the next couple days will help tremendously since I can read more easily on my commute)
– Remain debt free – which we are officially as of today! Hit our next goal of saving 3 months’ expenses for our emergency fund as quickly as possible and begin building a travel fund.

– Read scripture on a regular basis. I’ve really gotten lax on this over the years, and I think it directly affects my level of trust in God.
– Be quicker to act in obedience to God when it is clear what He is asking. Continue to pursue the call to create avenues for prayer at Hoboken Grace.
– Practice Examen at least once a week as an exercise in being fully present and aware.
– Read 4 Christian classics, like Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton, which has been gathering dust on my shelf for years.

– See three more Broadway Shows – I’ve got my sights set on Newsies, one “big ticket” show like Book of Mormon or Lion King, whatever else pops up as a great deal at TKTS
– Bike the path along the Hudson River
– Visit Liberty State Park
– Have at least three fancy restaurant date nights, including trying some Food Network chefs’ restaurants, such as Alex Guarnachcelli’s Butter.
– Visit the Guggenheim and the MoMa (Nick gets us in free! Thanks J.P.!)
– Visit the iconic NY public library
– Do a walking tour of NYC architecture. (We had such a great time doing that in Chicago it made us want to do it in our own city!)
– Spend a day on Governor’s Island
– Kayak on the Hudson

Other Stuff
– Drastically improve my wardrobe. Up until two months ago, I’ve been living on a non-existent or super tight clothes budget since we got engaged in 2010! It’s time for me to save up and splurge on high quality wardrobe basics that will last for years to come. This also means I will donate things that I haven’t worn in a year.
– If we decide to stay in our current apartment for another year, spruce up my dining room. All the walls are bare and it has no windows, so it depresses me. It needs something impactful on the wall and ideally painted it a lighter color.
– Cook more and bake for special occasions. My husband is a fantastic cook, so he usually takes the reigns in the kitchen, but I want to even out the responsibility. He doesn’t bake, so that’s all on me.
– Go to a local NJ beach because they are too close not to take advantage of!
– Go hiking at least once or twice

Do you have any other feasible suggestions to add to my age 27 bucket list? Let’s hear ’em!

4 thoughts on “Bucket List for #27

  1. From my perspective you are very, very young!!!!! I’ve set a goal to do a marathon when I’m 75. That’s it!!!! Running half-marathon Saturday. Love your list and YOU.

  2. Good list. We regularly bike to Liberty State Park on Saturdays and would gladly take you guys with us and go along the water route for you, but it does get a little crowded with pedestrians. And don’t worry I put Meggan on the folding with 12″ tires so the rest of us can keep up with her.

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