The Unexpected Blessing of Plan B

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Can you guess which one is my strength? (from via Pinterest)

I have some exciting news to share! (No, we’re not pregnant. Really people? C’mon.) As of this morning I am moving from part-time Office Manager at Elmwood Design to full-time – salaried with full benefits and extremely generous paid vacation! If you’ve been keeping track, you will remember that I have only been in my new job less than two months, so I was pretty surprised at how quickly things moved forward! We had talked about reviewing and maybe moving to full-time at my 90 day review.

After looking for full-time employment in NYC since spring 2010, this is such a blessing and relief. No, it’s still not my “dream” job in editorial. But through the many conversations I have had with God over the past two years, I prayed that if he didn’t open a door in the editorial world, that he would allow me to at least do an administrative job in a creative environment with like-minded people. While plan A didn’t work out, I feel like this is the best possible plan B. I have to allow my brain to be challenged creatively, or I feel like I’m drowning in monotony. So even though my current role is not creative, the culture is all about it. There may even be copy writing opportunities in the future!

Last night at dinner group, our leader asked us if we ever feel or know without a doubt that God is loving us. After such a long period of uncertainty and struggle, this feels like an outpouring of his love – a reminder that He is my provider and the one who sustains me. He opened up this opportunity unexpectedly through a friend from dinner group. I realize my success in this position is dependent on the use of the skills He has given me, but I can’t help but think that this feels like a gift.

I know that taking the time out from a now even busier schedule to write will be a challenge, but I realize for the sake of my creative drive, I still absolutely have to do it. I made many excuses and prioritized so many other things over writing when I was working in full-time positions before, and I refuse to let the comfort of a salary deter me from writing. So keep asking me how its going and what’s next. I’ve been so encouraged by the fact that you have been reading and especially grateful for those of you providing feedback and engaging in dialog.

A few weeks ago Nick said to me, “Babe! I think this might be our year!” It is looking like he might be right. I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2012 has in store.

10 thoughts on “The Unexpected Blessing of Plan B

  1. That’s such good news! Hoping that this is just the beginning of blessings for 2012 – way to be patient there, girlfriend.

  2. Thank you for all your support! Another thing I realized in talking to a friend the other night – when I think about the fact that I’m at a brand design agency, it might not immediately make sense how I fit in. But when I consider that their true passion is in telling the stories of the clients they work with, it makes all the sense in the world. Storytelling is what I was trained in and what I’m passionate about!

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