Life Post-Wedding

Me and Clara at the APW book tour after-party (from the APW flickr photostream)

A couple Saturdays ago, I had the pleasure of attending the “A Practical Wedding” book tour event in Brooklyn because of the invitation of my friend and fellow newlywed Clara (whose lovely wedding you can see here). If you aren’t aware of the awesomeness that is the APW blog, do yourself a favor and check it out, whether you are planning a wedding or already married or if you’re thinking about doing those things one day. I have yet to read the book, but I did buy a copy and plan to get to it in the next few months because I have no doubt it will be at the top of my list of resource recommendations for newly engaged friends. You can find information about where to buy the book here.

It was so refreshing to be in a group of (mostly) women asking bold questions about the blog, the book, and the writing process among other things. I have been so encouraged lately by smart, funny women like APW’s Meg Keene fighting fiercely to share their voices and what they deeply believe. Meg didn’t start out as a writer. In fact, she is dyslexic. But Meg felt the need to start a blog for “normal people” to maintain her own sanity while wedding planning, and she ended up striking a chord in the hearts of other brides. Events like these and stories like Meg’s encourage me that the act of writing and sharing your truth may start off as a small act, but has the potential to create a community. It makes a difference!

During the after party, Clara asked me what wisdom I could share from the past year of marriage. That is a challenging question, because while I know marriage is this definitive, grown-up life event, I still feel much like the same person. Since that conversation, I have made a conscious effort to think back over the past twelve months and pinpoint what I have learned and how I have changed as half of a married couple. I was surprised to find that I actually came up with a fairly extensive list of realizations, and I plan to unpack those over the remainder of this week.

It was important to me before marriage to not be one of those intensely private couples, living in our own little world. I am so thankful for married couples who have invested in and shared their stories with Nick and me. It may be even more important to me now having become a married couple to share what I am learning with others. Thank God for people who continue to share about life after the wedding. The wedding day did not signal “happily ever after,” but the start of a new chapter. By no means do I think I have all the answers after just one year of marriage, but I need to write these things down, both for the sake of my own memory and in hopes that what I share will encourage you. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Life Post-Wedding

  1. Hi Erika,
    Meg from La Vie En Rose Events here. 🙂 Thanks for the link & I’m glad you had fun @ the party. I’m also sad that I didn’t get a chance to properly meet you/hang out. I was a little all over the place that day, but any friend of Clara’s is bound to be good people. Looking forward to checking out your blog! 🙂 Cheers!

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