Concert Recap: MUTEMATH’s Odd Soul Pre-Tour

One of the best perks of living in the greater New York City area is that when music artists go on tour, they almost always make a stop here. Nick and I are huge fans of live music, so this is a fantastic place for us to live considering this is probably our favorite shared pastime. We’ve been to quite a few concerts this year, so I thought I would try to start sharing this love with you all!

Almost two weeks ago, we went to see MUTEMATH at the Mercury Lounge. We’ve become quite familiar with the Mercury Lounge over the past year – we’ve also seen Dave Barnes and The Dirty Guv’nahs there, and we are starting to feel like regulars. The Mercury Lounge is an intimate venue for NYC, with a maximum capacity of 250, so tickets sell extremely quickly. We were two out of five of our friends who actually managed to snag tickets before the show sold out after two minutes! My husband is a Ticketmaster ninja.

I’ve seen MUTEMATH twice before, both times during college in Philadelphia. I had heard from another fellow music loving friend how phenomenal they were, and decided I had to go check them out. The reason you have to see MUTEMATH in concert is because the quality of their performance is so phenomenal. The level of energy they put out is almost unparalleled, and I have seen a lot of shows. Paul Meany, the lead singer, sets the tone with his unique vocals and crazy dance moves. And when Darren King plays the drums, you find yourself mesmerized by his talent. He almost goes into a trance, playing with his eyes shut, letting the music carry him through the song.

MUTEMATH surprised everyone by kicking off the show by marching through the crowd from the back of the room and onto the stage. I was really excited to hear their new music from their upcoming album, and was pleased to hear them breaking their own previously indescribable mold and incorporating even funkier electronic sounds and on some tracks more of a stronger southern rock vibe. I was a little disappointed that because it was such a small venue, Paul couldn’t dance and run around the stage quite as much as he usually does, but he still managed his trademark keyboard hand stands – twice. There was also some obnoxious person standing right in front of me insisting on holding his large camera above his head the entire show, therefore blocking my view and tainting my experience.

Here are a few examples why I love MUTEMATH live:

“Reset” – a fan favorite

“Prytania” – a stand-out new song (recorded at a previous show)

“Blood Pressure” – new song and acoustic performance

MUTEMATH is now officially on their Odd Soul Introduction Tour now through October, and if they are coming to your city and you love live music, you need to check them out.

What shows did you attend this summer? What are your favorite bands right now? Who do we need to add to our “must see live” list?

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