Moving On Up… To The Heights

As of today, it is official. We are moving.

This is both exciting and bittersweet. Nick and I have been discussing where we should live since last July, and consistently checked Craigslist to see what popped up on the rental market, but the timing wasn’t quite right and we were dealing with the all-consuming financial and emotional stress of wedding planning. With the wedding out of the way, we  finally started looking around again, and last week had some serious discussions after reviewing our finances and praying about our living situation. It quickly became clear that moving to the place we had our eye on would basically be a “no-brainer.”

We have loved life at 421 Jackson over the past (almost) three years. It’s crazy to think that I was helping Nick apartment hunt for this place when we were dating in the summer of 2008. I remember the first time I walked in here and gasped at how posh it was in comparison to the little place he was subletting. In leaving 421 Jackson, we will be leaving not just 1200 square feet of space, a beautiful kitchen, 2 beds, 2 baths, and a balcony, but three years of memories, fantastic parties, and the beginning of our relationship behind.

Our new place will require a downsize of 250 square feet and saying goodbye to our roomy kitchen and outdoor space. We will also be out of the Hoboken city limits, which means travel will take a bit longer to meet up with friends. It is a “two bedroom,” but the second bedroom is a walk-through to the master, and will most likely function as our dining room since we just recently purchased a table that seats up to eight. However, we will be able to save a whopping $850 a month, which as newlyweds is much needed! I am also excited about living in an apartment that feels cozier and better coordinates with my existing vintage furniture from Knoxville (which is currently sitting at my parents’ house in PA).

Without further ado, I introduce you to our new home as of June at 409 Ogden:

So please come visit, but be aware that our “bring your own blow up mattress/sleeping bag” policy will still probably apply 😉

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